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Support Contact

All regular licenses include 6 months of free email and telephone support. Please contact us as shown below and provide your Software License ID or User ID along with your support request.


Europe, Germany USA, Canada Other Countries
Support email:
Telephone hotline: +49 30 467 092 30 +1 855-411-AFMG +49 30 467 092 30
    (+1 855-411-2364)  
(Business Hours) (CET) (CDT/CST) (CET)


Download the AFMG TeamViewer

Download the AFMG TeamViewer to allow the AFMG support team to help you install and license your software correctly. The TeamViewer is a stand-alone Windows program which needs no installation. Simply start the program and pass the ID and password to your support contact.

Download AFMG TeamViewer

Download Portal: License Management and Program Updates

No matter if you have purchased AFMG Software recently or a long time ago, you can download the installation versions from our Download Portal any time and as often as you like to. The same is true for any upgrades that you have purchased or that you received free of charge by our normal product cycle upgrades.

Click this link to get to the AFMG Download Portal.

When using the Download Portal, please keep the following in mind:

  • Your account is registered to the email address you provided to AFMG with your first purchase.
  • If you do not have an account you can create one.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you by email.
  • To get access to a specific software within the Download Portal, you will need your secret User ID or Product License Key.
  • By entering your User ID or Product License Key into your account, you can gain access to AFMG software that has been purchased by your company but is not connected to your account automatically. This can be the case if your purchasing department has provided another email address than yours or the software was originally purchased by a colleague.