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169th ASA Meeting, Pennsylvania, with several AFMG contributions

2015-05-29 15:56

Last week the 169th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America took place. The organization gathers people from all areas of acoustics from around the world biannually in a week of academic and practical knowledge exchange.

AFMG was represented by our North American team in several paper presentations.

Session 4aAAa “Architectural Acoustics Potpourri” was chaired by AFMG’s Ana M. Jaramillo together with Christopher L. Barnobi, consultant at CSTI Acoustics.

Ana was also invited to present at session 4aAAb “Up and Coming Architectural Acousticians: Past Student Paper Award Winners Report”. Her paper entitled “Teaching acoustics to people with non-scientific backgrounds” dealt with the use of graphical tools, especially room modeling, in teaching.

During session 4pAA “Classroom and Other Room Acoustics” two more papers were presented by Ana Jaramillo and Bruce Olson, consultants at Olson Sound Design and part of the AFMG North America team.
“St. Bartholomew’s parish hall acoustic analysis” was presented by Ana Jaramillo and Christopher L. Barnobi (CSTI Acoustics) as a case study where acoustic treatment was recommended to improve the room’s reverberation time and intelligibility and acoustic simulation proved to be a useful tool for better prediction of post-treatment conditions.
“What is the necessary level of detail for an acoustic model?” was presented by Ana Jaramillo and Bruce Olson to get deeper into the topic of acoustic simulation for post-treatment room prediction by looking into the level of necessary detail to obtain accurate data.

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