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135th AES Convention - AFMG Presents Multiple Papers on Beam Steering

2013-10-25 09:13

Digitally Steered Columns: Comparison of Different Products by Measurement and Simulation            Adapting Loudspeaker Array Radiation to the Venue using Numerical Optimization of FIR Filters

EASE Simulations Verified for Digitally Steered Columns

This paper addresses one of the questions brought up over and over again by consultants in the pro-audio business: How accurate are EASE simulations?

The evaluation performed by renowned German acoustician Anselm Goertz and AFMG utilizes a comparison of different digitally steered column loudspeakers in an acoustically challenging environment to show not only the high degree of accordance between simulation and actual measurement on site. Both measurement and actual listening test revealed a strikingly similar reproductive quality for all systems involved in the test alike!

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Optimized FIR Filters Offer New Flexibility in Beam Steering

Since the release of AFMG's FIRmaker Technology at the ProLight & Sound fair in April 2013 FIR filters have become an intensely discussed topic and a broad range of DSP manufacturers have validated their hardware for compatibility with FIRmaker computed filters.

This paper sums up the technology of numerically optimized FIR filters and explains the newest implementations and verifications done. It goes far beyond a simple proof of concept, showing real-world setups and explaining the benefits soon to be available to a large audience of customers of different loudspeaker manufacturers.

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