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AFMG Celebrates One Year of Cloud-Based Technical Support

2015-09-04 16:02

Frank Siegmann, one of AFMG's best-known employees, heads the international support team.

Since 2011 when AFMG took up distribution of its own software products in Germany at first, then internationally since September 2012, software sales and, consequently, the need for support have risen continuously.

Frank Siegmann, who is working for the AFMG group in his 17th year now, overlooks the support team of the company, "As AFMG became more successful in the recent years we have been facing a growing number of support cases as well. Our first reaction has been to add more members to the support team. These are strategically located in different countries in order to react to inquiries from different time zones quickly. This, again, brought the necessity to coordinate and streamline support efforts. We understood that a good system was needed here."

After close evaluation of several different helpdesk systems, AFMG decided for Help Scout, a solution from the like-named Boston company which offers all key elements important for AFMG and to our customers:

  • High reliability
  • Short server response times
  • Compliance with data privacy standards
  • Online knowledge base
  • Support for fast internal communication and case escalation

Help Scout was introduced in September 2014 and immediately proved a valuable tool for the AFMG support team. Looking back on the year, Frank Siegmann comments, "Our decision was good. Cooperation with our colleagues from the United States and Brazil became so much easier. All team members can access a ticket's history easily and customers receive quick answers even outside regular office hours of their respective time zone."

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