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AFMG Becomes Sponsor of the Newman Student Award Fund

2015-11-11 10:03

Honoring outstanding students in the field of architectural acoustics

The Newman Student Award Fund is a program to honor outstanding students at schools of architecture and architectural engineering throughout the world.

The support of education and especially of research projects and of students in the field of acoustics and simulation has always been of high importance to AFMG and its sister companies. Already in 2003, the founders of AFMG Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert, Dr. Rainer Feistel, and his son Dr. Stefan Feistel decided to endorse outstanding students with grants to fund projects relevant to the field. For this reason, the AFMG Foundation was established.

Inspired by Professor Robert C. Coffeen, a long-time friend and partner of our company, AFMG has decided to extend its engagement to support students and become a sponsor of the Newman Student Award Fund. The fund which operates in honor and memory of Robert Bradford Newman, professor and faculty member of the School of Architecture and Planning, MIT, and of the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University for thirty years, regularly awards students for their achievements in projects relevant to architectural acoustics.

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